Technical office – Public and Private sector studies.

The technical office was founded in the city of Kozani by the Topographic Engineer AUTh. Rizopoulos Fotis. The headquarters of the company are based in Kozani, Western Macedonia and it is active throughout Greece and abroad in large-scale projects.

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Small and large scale

We present to you some of our projects, which the company has completed, with great success.

Forest maps: Submission of an objection for Grevena - Kastoria - Florina

By posting the forest maps of the areas of Grevena – Kastoria – Florina, you must file an objection if your property has been classified as forest.

Our office undertakes responsibly:

  • The submission of objections electronically and the submission of the physical file.
  • Representation on objection review committees.
  • Topographic diagrams, digital real estate detection.
  • Photo interpretation in modern and older aerial photographs.