Arbitrary arrangement

The new 4495/2017 concerns the settlement of arbitrary and replaced the previous laws 4178/2013 and 4014/2011. There are several differences in the amount of the fine required to regulate the arbitrary.

The required supporting documents also change to some extent. The process is generally fast, simple and done electronically without the contribution of town planning. The law of arbitrary settlement concerns exclusively arbitrary acts that have taken place before 28.07.2011.

The basic stages of arbitrary regulation with Law 4495/2017 are the following:

  1. Autopsy on the property. Urban violations are always counted compared to the plans of the building permit.
  2. The required fine is calculated in the electronic system of the TEE which is common to all the arbitrary in the country. The fine is calculated on the basis of the area, the zone price of the area, the age of the construction, whether it is inside or outside the project and finally on the basis of special rates for each urban violation taking into account reduction rates for social reasons (eg cases A.M.E.A., first residence, long-term unemployed, large families, three children, etc.).
  3. An electronic declaration is submitted to the electronic information system of the TEE.
  4. After the fine is calculated and the electronic declaration is completed, the fee is paid. The fee starts at 250 euros, an amount that covers most cases. Once the fee is paid, the remaining fine is then paid either in monthly installments of up to 100 or a lump sum with a 20% discount. It is noted that the owner is entitled in addition to the above 20% discount if he starts the process by 8.4.2018 and 10% if he starts the process from 9.4.2018 to 8.10.2018.
  5. The final completion of the procedure is done with the full payment of the fine and the submission of supporting documents (plans, technical report, static adequacy, etc.). These documents are delivered to you in printed and digital form. If only 30% of the fine is paid, the declaration is at the stage of final affiliation, so the arbitrary receives an official document from YPEKA with which it can be connected to PPC or a notarial deed can be made.

In many cases, mainly minor violations or old arbitrary ones, the so-called final exemption from demolition (legalization) is given and the imposition of fines is not simply suspended for 30 years (settlement).